Are you washing your hair correctly and using the right products? Here, master hair stylist Jean-Marc Levy reveals the top tips every woman needs to know for getting those luscious locks, as well as revealing the top haircare treatments in Dubai.

Start the New Year the right way and follow our top tips to perfect hair in the desert.


1.      How often should we be washing our hair?

We should wash our hair when required, in fact less is better but one shampoo wash and two treatments a week are good to maintain healthy and shiny hair  year-round.

2.      What’s the best product to use against heating tools?

Any leave-in conditioner works great as it hydrates and conditions your hair after a wash.

3.      How can we prevent Dubai’s humidity from making it frizz without weighing it down?

For dry hair use a hydrating product as it is a great light serum but watch sure to not over use silicone on your hair. Another tip is to use vinegar in the rinse water to dissolve any residue from hard water.

4.      Which hair care product do you think every woman should own?

Sulphate and detergent-free shampoo, Masque Intense Conditioner and leave-in conditioner from Kérastase.

5. What’s the best way to keep our hair nourished?

Apply oil to your hair all night-long prior to shampooing them the next morning. Make sure to use a hair oil as the molecules in it are smaller and won’t extract the colour like other oils.

6.  How can we avoid split ends?

By trimming your hair every six weeks and keeping them hydrated.

7.   What are the top tips to a perfect at-home blow dry?

Take small divisions of your hair when blow-drying. Don’t overheat your hair. Dry your hair prior to the blow-dry itself and finally cold-dry your hair upside down when finished.

8.   What’s your number one haircare tip?

Treat your hair with love!

9. What’s the best voluminous product for thin or fine hair?

Use a light volume spray with polymer and less alcohol in it or apply light gel on pump hair.



  1. REDKEN CHEMISTRY TREATMENTS The Chemistry System is an ‘inside-out approach’ to creating healthy, shiny hair. Each service offers intense care through highly concentrated ingredients that act in synergy with a sealer leaving you with stronger, shinier hair. From Dhs110 available at Sisters Beauty Lounge. (04) 3398500
  2. KERASTASE NUTRITIVE RITUAL For very dry or sensitised hair this exceptional nourishing treatment  provides immunity to dryness, and replenishes the locks from root to tip. Hair is left visibly softer and stronger. From Dhs250 available at Belle Femme. (04) 4309543
  3. BIOLUSTRE PROFESSIONAL REPAIR TREATMENT This treatment uses a L’Oréal Professionnel Steampod, an in-salon straightening and smoothing service, which leaves you with sleek silky locks as well as creating a salon-perfect, shine. From Dhs500 available at Pastels Salon. (04) 3947393
  4. KEVIN MURPHY BORN.AGAIN HAIR FACIAL This hair facial uses unique essential oils that penetrate the hair shaft instantly that moisturise, regenerate and repair. From Dhs100 available at Marquee Salons. (04) 420770
  5. PRO-KERATIN REFILL LOREAL POWERDOSE TREATMENT This treatment re-fills fragile areas of your hair with keratin complex to rebuild and reinforce the hair. Dhs150 available at Jenny Rose Beauty. (04) 5516620