Bachelorette, hen do

Wedding season is just around the corner. Our social media feeds are filling with news of the latest engagements and wedding invites are fluttering through the letter box. Aside from planning the big day, next on the list is the hen do!

With lots to arrange, brides-to-be often get bogged down in the planning and forget to enjoy themselves. Viki Sanders from hen and stag do specialist, Red7, shares some top tips to reduce stress levels while planning the do.

Think about what YOU want to do

“Brides-to-be often worry about making sure everyone else will have a good time. Don’t lose sight of what you really want to do. If you’re happy, chances are your closest friends and family will be too.”

Avoid ‘too many cooks in the kitchen’

“Delegate the hen do planning to no more than three people. Choose your head bridesmaid and one or two others to handle everything, with or without you. This ensures decisions can be made quickly.”

Add excitement to an otherwise ‘simple’ do

“When planning a simple hen do, such as a meal out, it’s good to keep things interesting. Run some game ideas past the venue and add a colour theme and/or goodies to the table to get people in the mood. For added excitement and variety try a cocktail-making class beforehand, or an indulgent spa day the morning after.”

Tailor activities to the guest list

“Make sure this fits with the invite list. The hen might love inflatable props and a stripper, but will her future mother- or grandmother-in-law be as keen?”

Who said there can only be one do?

If you’re looking for a wild night with the girls but something quieter with mums and nans, you could arrange a weekend with lots of activities so guests can dip in and out.  Or, plan a couple of separate parties to celebrate with the different people in your life.”

Allow for time in between activities

“The feeling of having to rush activities can take away from the enjoyment. Don’t over fill the weekend and leave time between activities. If there is time to be killed, make sure a bar or pub is never too far away.”

Ensure party members are comfortable with the budget

“Glamorous hen dos, including those abroad, are great fun, but they can also be expensive. To make sure no one feels priced out, consider having a separate do closer to home.”

Avoid social media disasters

“Ensure all party members are clear about what is and isn’t allowed to be shared on social media during the do. Some hens want a live stream of tagged photos while others prefer things stay under wraps.”

Stay central to avoid stray hens

“If the hen do involves an overnight stay, choose accommodation that is in the city centre, near activities or easy to get to. Trying to herd a group of tipsy hens in and out of taxis can often be a challenge!”

Keep communication within the group simple

“Too much detail and ambiguity within a large group allows for too much opinion. Give the group basic information on a ‘need to know’ basis and leave the rest as a surprise. Surprises are more fun anyway!”


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