As 2015 nears an end, Apple have unveiled the top five ‘Best of 2015’ apps in the Arab world. So, if you’re a little tired of the worn out roster you’ve currently got installed, here’s what the public have voted in as their faves.

Here are the best of 2015 apps in the Arab world according to Apple:

App Of The Year For iPhone


A photo app for iPhone that grants you multiple editing options including vintage filters, cropping, the option to add decals, the ability to alter and adjust every aspect of your image, bloating, shrinking and reshaping of objects, image blending, textures and decoration. Just to make sure all your Insta-posts are on point.


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Runner-Up App Of The Year For iPhone


While Periscope actually won app of the year worldwide, it only managed to bag itself the runner-up position in the Arab world. Periscope allows you to ‘explore the world through someone else’s eyes,’ and accomplishes it through allowing users to live stream what they’re doing in real time from their phones for other users to tune in, watch and comment on.


App Of The Year For iPad

The Robot Factory

An open-ended building app that allows you to create, test and collect robots. With over 100 different parts to choose from, colours, emotes, and more, The Robot Factory is great for kids with a creative side or for adults looking to pass a few minutes.


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Game Of The Year


An innovative puzzle-game, in which the user has to rotate an abstract object until it forms the silhouette of a recognisable object against the wall behind it. Tough to explain, tougher to complete.


Runner-Up Game Of The Year 

Lara Croft GO

This turn-based puzzle adventure game requires you to get Lara from point A to point B through the means of solving various puzzles, overcoming obstacles, fighting enemies and escaping traps.