She’s written books on the subjects and given talks about it across the globe, so who better to ask how to raise happy, well-behaved kids than renowned parenting coach Andalene Salvesen, aka the Super Granny?

Set examples

Your example counts more than anything else to ensure a happy well-behaved child – whether it is tone of voice, attitude or the way you treat others with respect. Good morals are caught not taught.

Secure boundaries

A child feels safe when there are age appropriate predictable boundaries.

Food as fuel

What you feed your child will impact on his well-being, his health, his mood and his ability to learn.

Be a parent

A child needs parents not another play date. They need to feel that someone responsible is in charge. If the parent doesn’t take on that position, the child will. However, he does not have the wisdom or experience to do that job effectively so this will make him act out.

Stay consistent

Yes needs to be yes and your no needs to be no consistently. This gives a child a sense of security and builds trust between parent and child.


Big On Children saw the opportunity to bridge the gap between parents and their children by making Andalene the brand’s Super Granny. Andalene now visits the UAE regularly to offer her coaching techniques.