We have the tallest building in the world, the biggest ferris wheel and the largest mall. We’ve built a man-made ocean, designed luxury yachts and erected extravagant apartments. When it comes to dazzling, the UAE comes up on top, and judging by the latest line of travel accessories available in the region, it’s reputation for being the most glam is in no danger of being lost.

If you thought driving around town in an extravagant Bentley, a vintage Rolls Royce or a super Maserati was uber-cool, think again. According to a list from Carmudi, the ultra-rich are rushing to buy the best and most decadent accessories for their rides.

Here’s a list of the most expensive and popular car accessories for the motor aficionado:


The dream of all drivers is a customised number 1 license plate. Records show that this plate has been sold for a whopping Dhs51,422,280. Apparently the plate is seen as an investment that quadruples the price of your car the moment it adorns it.


The King of Bling in the car world has to be these diamond-studded 22in wheels from Asanti Wheels worth a staggering Dhs3,673,020. Obviously they come with an expensive parking ticket as the renowned car specialist offers a 24-hour security guard to watch your rims for a whole year. How cool is that? You may be in danger, but your rims will be safe.


The Rogue Acoustics Audio System R-1K costs a hefty Dhs1,101,906 (with added extras). The audio maker ensures that the built in mobile phone, placed in your car allows technicians to examine the system from any location around the world if a technical error was to arise. It’s the James Bond of cars.


If you thought shifting gears was just about moving from P to D, think again. This diamond-encrusted shift knob is a royal masterpiece handcrafted with 30-carat genuine diamonds and costs Dhs550,953. And if this isn’t bling enough for you, you could go for the Bentley Continental GT finished in white gold and 30-carats of diamonds going for a mere Dhs606,048.


Aston Martin and well-known jewellery brand Jaeger-LeCoultre have teamed up to create the Jaeger LeCoultre AMVOX2 chronograph. This watch can lock and unlock the doors of your Aston Martin. Priced at Dhs124,883 it serves the dual purpose of flaunting sapphire crystals with control strapped around your wrist.

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Images: Flickr/Leong Soong | Asanti Wheels