Dubai’s a pretty city. We all know that. It’s a difficult place to put into words, but luckily for us – the city’s allure has inspired a bundle of local and international filmmakers over the years.

We’ve probably all seen a great time-lapse or two of Dubai, but you might not have seen them all.

So in an effort to get you acquainted with some of our favourite videos of the city, from the stylish to the stunning, to the downright awesome – here are our top 10.

1. A Day In Dubai, shot recently by budding filmmaker Sion Joseph. Sion’s shot a number of videos in a similar style, with this Dubai installment seeking to show the contrast between old and new Dubai.

2. Quite possibly one of the most well-known videos of Dubai and the surrounding area. Incredible cinematography and editing.

3. A video that flaunts everything there is to love about the city. From its deep history, to water sports, shopping malls and fancy restaurants.

4. The 2015 version of the Spirt of Dubai videos that serve as a quick reminder as to what made us all fall in love with Dubai in the first place.

5. If you’ve been around Dubai for a bit, you’ll have likely heard of Jetman – the dude with a winged jet-pack. In one of our favourite videos of his (they’re all great), he can be seen flying in tandem with fellow jet-packer and an Emirates Airbus A380.

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6. An updated Spirit of Dubai video – just in case the first one didn’t quite do it for you.

7. Remember that time when professional rally driver Ken Block blocked off Sheikh Zayed for some mad stunts? Well, now that we’ve seen the video, it was kind of worth it.

8. Drone regulations are pretty strict in Dubai, so we’re not quite sure how the filmographer managed to capture some of these amazing shots. We think it’s safe to say the results were worth it though.

9. Skydive Dubai are never ones to shy away from an awesome video. A point which is hard-driven home in their recent Dream Jump video, filmed from the top of Princess Tower.

10. Red Bull love a stunt, and in this video managed to drain the slides at Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis The Palm so that three professional skateboarders could take it over for the day. The result? Decide for yourself.

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