New Year, New You… yadda, yadda, yadda… Making resolutions, and worse keeping them, are the biggest bugbears January brings. We say, don’t be so hard on yourself and focus on these 10 key steps. We’ve even helped out, telling you how to achieve them. You are very welcome…

These 10 tips to a great new year are simple yet so rewarding. Good luck.

1. Get fit

The best time to plant a tree was last year, the second best time is today. Or something like that. The same goes for getting into shape. We’ve all avoided going to the gym at some point or another, but it’s a new year now, and the excuses are so old, especially when they are so many quick yet efficient workout options out there.

Do: Try the My 30 Minutes workout that’ll literally shock you into shape in just under 30 minutes (that’s shorter than an episode of Making A Murderer). Complete it three-times a week and notice a difference before February rolls round.


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2. Get healthy

By getting healthy we mean eating healthy. If, like us, you spent the festive season filling yourself to maximum capacity then your body could probably use a break. Bust out the fruit and veg, whip up a smoothie, and wave goodbye to fast food.

Do: Check out these 8 Diet Tips From Around The World. Or better still get someone to make and deliver the healthy food to you. We recommend Love Food ME. 

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3. Get happy

Everything that was bothering you is so last year now. Turn over a new leaf and put on your happy hat because you’ve got 12 empty months ahead of you to fill up with great new memories.

Do: Check out Zen Habits for some useful life tips, then try out a yoga class to bring some peace of mind and relaxation into your life. We recommend Club Stretch and Inspire.

audrey hepburn laughing smiling happy 

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4. Get out of the house

The colder weather (yes, we are wearing winter woolies in Emirates Woman HQ), and also the basic come down from the festive season has left most of us feeling like we want to stay under the duvet, watching box set after box set and avoiding the big old world. Well, get up. You will feel so much better meeting up and catching up with friends and having a good long chat and laugh.

Do: Grab a friend and check out our guide to all the ladies nights throughout Dubai. also hit the cinema with the girls, There are plenty of major films for us this month.


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5. Get out of the country

You’re just not quite done with the holidays yet. It’s okay, we get that. Round up some  money and treat yourself to a trip. Whether it’s a semi staycation just down the road, or a full-blown adventure, a well-deserved treat works wonders before you fall back into your regular routines.

Do: Check out our guide for nearby holiday destinations.

 Wildernest Goa


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6. Get thrifty

Forget debt, make 2019 a year for saving, and see if you can get on top of your finances. Aim to put a percentage of wage aside in a savings account each month. That way, the next time the festive season rolls around, or you want to take that trip you’ve always dreamed of, you can splash out.

Do: Cut out unnecessary luxuries and you’ll find yourself flush with extra dough in no time. 

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7. Get cultured

We live in a city with endless art galleries, museums and general attractions. Most of which, you probably haven’t visited yet. Get out of the house, and go visit something you wouldn’t usually visit. Be it an upcoming exhibition, or some underground art gallery. Who knows? You might even enjoy it.

Do: Check out Alserkal Avenue, situated in the industrial area, it houses over 20 different art spaces filled with anything and everything.

Alserkal Avenue 

8. Get creative

If your hobbies consist of bingeing on  food and TV series, then your free time may be due a revision. Try out something new, even if you’re unsure as to whether you’ll enjoy it. Pick up a paintbrush, learn a new sport, teach yourself some new dance moves. Even if you resort to stamp collecting, we’re sure there’s something out there that can help to liven up your spare time.

Do  Fancy being a florist? Vintage Bloom can teach you the skills. Want to learn an instrument? Music Institute is great.

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9. Get yourself some sleep

If Christmas came and went in more of a whirlwind instead of a light breeze, you’re probably due some rest. Most people over the holidays would’ve found themselves at the extremes of the sleep spectrum – either way too much, or way too little. If you’re the latter, make sure to kick back by the pool, catch an early night, and treat yourself to some general R&R.

Do: Check out Snowy Escape, a website that puts you inside a snowy log cabin with a crackling fire to take you out of the desert and help you fall asleep. Or try out the best sleep you will ever experience in Dubai, at Point Zero Gravitation.

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10. Get generous

If you feel like you received too many presents (not sure if that’s possible), or you’re not quite through with the spirit of giving, then perhaps giving back to those a little less fortunate is a worthwhile choice. There are plenty of great charities out here, all important in their own way. So go on, pick one you like and give a little back.

Do: Check out 38 Smiles. A group of like-minded people who care for and re-home stray animals. You could even try working as a volunteer for some worthwhile charities like Dubai Cares.


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