Flying this festive season? Samantha Malkoun from Future Kids is on hand with her survival guide on how to travel with kids.

Get Real

Prepare to not enjoy the travel time. Pack kids’ books, pens, pads and other things you can do to entertain them. Travel time equals children time.

Food Feuds

Mealtime is of the essence. Depending on your travel time, you will need to supply healthy, nutrient-dense meals to keep energy levels up and squealing, whinging noises at bay. It may seem like a good idea to spoil the children at the airport with greasy hamburgers and chips, but they will become lethargic which will affect your journey.

A Perfect Plan

Involve your children in the planning process. Spending time before the journey talking about where you are going and what you can do on this holiday will spark children’s interest.

Ahead Of The Game

If your child relies on iPads for entertainment, add a few new games and apps to keep interest and engagement for a longer period of time.

Keep It Light

If you didn’t use it last week then you most probably won’t use it on holiday. Don’t pack too much!

Timely Travel

Get to your destination in plenty of time so that you arrive unstressed and have time to explore and enjoy your environment. Airports are often equipped with a games room for kids – Singapore airport even has giant slides.

Simple Pleasures

Don’t over-plan your itinerary. Trying to jam too many activities in a short period of time will end in disappointment. Allow ample time to eat, play, rest and allow for the unexpected moments of adventure.

Take Up Space

Renting an apartment where you can prepare food is often a cheaper option than a hotel. It also means you can immerse yourself in the culture by visiting market to buy your supplies.

Dear Diary

Ask older children to keep a journal or, if the children are really young, a footprint on a menu from a café where you got your morning coffee will look great on their wall!

Start A Collection

Collecting spoons, magnets or snow globes from every destination you visit can help to anchor your memories and form the basis for fantastic storytelling.


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