The gym is a place to workout not be on the pull, show off or forget about general hygiene, so why do so many people get it wrong? Maintaining good manners in your health club is vital, especially if you don’t want to be kicked out. Follow these 10 rules and you should survive. 

1.) Cover up. A gym is a place to for you workout, not be on the prowl for a suitor. Wear appropriate clothing for your exercise. Also, be aware of other people’s sensibilities while in the changing room. We’re not prudes but we don’t want to see you naked either.

2.) Towel up. We understand that when working out you’re going to work up a sweat, but there is no need for others to see, or feel, your salty water. Dry yourself and the equipment you’re using – basic hygiene.

3.) Use the mirror wisely. The mirror in your gym class is not there for you to check your hair and make-up, it’s there so you can check your form.

4.) Don’t hog equipment. If the gym is busy be mindful of others when using equipment. General rule of thumb is no more than 60 minutes on a machine if people are waiting.

5.) Keep your music to yourself. You might think Eye Of The Tiger is a great motivational gym song, others might not. If you want to listen to your own music, do so with headphones. Don’t subject others to your soundtrack.

6.) Be realistic. We’re all aware of our own strength and while it’s good to push our limits, be careful about over-exerting yourself. It’s not only potentially damaging and dangerous for you but also embarrassing – no one wants to be saved from under a barbell.

7.) No sound effects. Grunting with exertion is mildly acceptable. Yelling with every rep is not.

8.) Freshen up. Remember to put deodorant on before your workout. No one likes to smell anyone in the gym.

9.) Beware of personal space. There’s nothing more annoying than getting into a decent space only for someone to come into your area, stopping you from doing your workout properly. This is even more irritating when said person has no coordination.

10.) Don’t hog the water fountain. If you’re filling up your bottle and see someone behind you without a bottle, let them in – they’re obviously catching a breather in between workouts.


Main image: Adidas Instagram