American clothing brand Tommy Hilfiger is aiming to shift mindsets in their new campaign with activist and actress Jameela Jamil.

A couple of weeks ago, The Good Place star was unveiled as the face of the brand’s Spring 2021 campaign ‘Moving Forward Together’, which is all about promoting social change.

Discussing the campaign on Instagram, Jamil said, “This is one of the most diverse and powerful campaigns I’ve seen from such a giant brand and I’m positively star-struck by some of the inspiring advocates involved from around the world.”

In line with this, Tommy Hilfiger have announced they will be providing free online courses focused on body neutrality on the platform Future Learn.

Aimed to inspire change on body neutrality through an array of methods including storytelling, dialogue, new social knowledge and progress, this course will be a two-week focused programme available online, with a focus on challenging body image stereotype while broadening the audience understanding of body neutrality as negative programming in society is something which needs to be combated at the ground-level.


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It’s a topic close to Jamil’s heart as she has been open about struggling with her own body dysmorphia, which is a mental health disorder in which a person captures flaws in their appearance which are usually not observed by others. The actress shared her eating disorder struggles with the world and went on to found the ‘I Weigh’ movement, promoting inclusivity and body neutrality.

“My vision for the future is a world without shame, and I continue to try to understand and find ways to destigmatise it in everything that I do,” Jamil said on Tommy Hilfiger’s Instagram page.


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With a focus on sustainability and community building in the upcoming courses available on the website, this educational platform will provide an arena for informative material with useful lessons to educate users on the need to drive social change, especially during this time. The courses are accessible on through a mobile, tablet, and computer device.

In addition, Tommy Hilfiger shall be giving a series of live talks on all its global social channels, with all friends and followers of the brand invited to join and learn about various important life hacks.

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