It can only be Tom Ford

Remember the shockwaves that Tom Ford’s 2017 fragrance sent round the beauty world? You know, the one that was named ‘F****** Fabulous’. Designer is clearly not afraid of stir things up, and he’s very good at doing just that.

Evoking an emotion is his expertise, and his line of scents are simply irresistible. In 2018 he released another cheeky fragrannce called ‘Lost Cherry’, and this month he brings us another sensual perfume, ‘Rose Prick’. In it he has combined three of the rarest types of the rose flower: Bulgarian rose, Turkish rose and Rose de Mai.

tom ford rose prick perfume

“The prick of a rose. The slight pain that yields such sensual pleasure. Inspired by my own rose garden, Rose Prick is a wild bouquet of intoxicating and rare hybrids,” Ford explains.

Fragrance opens with a Bulgarian roses and Rose de Mai which is pierced with the sharp fire of Sichuan pepper and the ginger-like spice of turmeric extract. The rose scent is then rounded off with Indonesian patchouli, woody breath of Chypre, and the warmth of roasted Tonka – you can also expect addictive notes of caramel and vanilla. A dry down of Tolu balsam and notes of skin-gripping musk capture the blushing beauty of fleshy petals blossoming atop a barbed branch.

Packaged in a decadent matte opaque rose pink TOM FORD PRIVATE BLEND bottle and capped with a matte black metal inset, it should hold a prime spot on your bathroom shelf.

Rose Prick is available now, 50ml Dhs1,332

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