Perhaps keep this one to yourself, but we have a sneaky feeling that the Tod’s Cape Bag could well be the bag of the season.

Oh yes, ornately-sculpted clutch bags that you can just about squeeze your phone into might look perfect for a night out, but when it comes to daily life, you need something you can jam a million and one essential items into, without making it look like it’s about to burst at the seams. As far as we can work out, the Cape Bag does all this while remaining virtuous, perfect, elegant and feminine at all times – it’s not just a bag, see, it’s a moral compass!

Boasting curves and a new shape that evoke saddlery; its sides have organic geometry, and with a simple fold, it closes in on itself – actually, it opens and closes in such a pleasingly natural way that we defy you not sit around doing just that while you taxi to work. Meanwhile, it specifically reference horses’ saddles through a contemporary exploration of construction and functionality.

Materials for the season include chrome-tanned half calf, chrome-tanned calfskin, Miami leather, cotton, calfskin, python and crocodile. Colours range from summer brights and pastels to more muted, classic tones.

The Cape bag starts from approximately Dhs4,900 and is available in Tod’s boutiques across the region.