TITO Gel Wear

Ever since I cut out eggs and dairy from my diet my nails have been a mess – peeling and breaking at the slightest touch. As a result I usually avoid gelish like the plague, however when I heard about the new range of TITO Gel Wear at Tips & Toes I decided to give it a second chance.

WHAT: TITO Gel Wear manicure and pedicure

WHERE: Tips & Toes, Amwaj Rotana, Dubai Media City

THE RUNDOWN: After removing my previous nail colour, the therapist cleaned and filed my nails before cutting off any stray cuticles. I then chose a hue from the available 29 bright and beautiful shades in the TITO Gel Wear collection – deep blue (River Blue) for the feet and neon orange (Venus) for my mani – which the therapist then applied with precision. With the colours drying in what seemed like seconds, I was able to continue my daily chores without making a dent in my schedule.

THE RESULT: Within an hour (only 30 minutes if you just have manicure) I had smudge-free, chip-free, mirror-like nails that got the attention, and envy, of very girlfriend. The colours are said to last 14 days however my manicure lasted three weeks with my pedicure still looking immaculate after one month! However, the big test for me came when removing the varnish. After previous gelish treatments my nails were left thin and sensitive to pain – I had to open my tins of chickpeas by using a spoon underneath the tab – however after the TITO Gel WEar my nails were still in good condition, something that pleasantly shocked me.

THE DETAILS: TITO Gel Wear manicure Dhs110, pedicure Dhs130, mani/pedi Dhs220

TEL: (04) 3990550

 Check out how my nails looked post-treatment and weeks after, you will see why I thoroughly recommend it:

tito gel wear tips and toes