When it comes to travelling solo blogger Omniya Fareed Shafik is an expert after quitting her high-flying job in Dubai and embarking on a life changing adventure (read her exciting story).

Here OmniyaFareed Shafik shares her tips on how she travels the world solo as a female traveller.

1. Fake It

No one starts out their travels as a confident traveller. This is something that happens over time as you become comfortable exploring the way and taking decisions. However, women who are travelling alone and look lost can attract the wrong type of attention. Try to appear confident and walk as if you know exactly where you’re going until your confidence levels develop naturally. Confidence shouldn’t be confused with carelessness in sketchy situations.

2. Explore and sightsee during the day

It is reality that more unfortunate situations happen in the evening, so if you’re going to go sightseeing or on a long journey, then you should try and travel during the day. In the case of long journeys, always use known and respected transportation. Also, if you’re travelling from one place to another, try to arrive during the day.

Omniya Fareed Shafik

Omniya Fareed Shafik says it’s important to fit in with other cultures

3. Blend in

An easy way to attract unnecessary attention is to wear really revealing clothing especially in conservative countries. Respect the culture you are in.

4. Always stay in touch

Letting friends and family know where you will be travelling is an excellent safety blanket. I personally always let my parents know where I’m staying and when I move from one city to another.


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5. Be careful with your possessions

Many people nowadays travel using their camera, mobile, tablet, and laptop. These are all attractive items that can be stolen. Try to not flash them around and only remove them from your pack when required. It is also important to keep them in your reach all the time, along with your important documents like passports and wallets.

6. Don’t tell people you are alone

You are going to meet many people when you travel alone but you should never let strangers know because this is just going to make you more vulnerable.

7. Learn local language basics

Not being able to communicate properly already puts you at a disadvantage in many situations, so knowing basic phrases in the local language will really help.

Omniya Fareed Shafik

Mingling with the locals is a good way to learn about a place

8. Research the destination

Researching the destination is important when you’re planning where to go and what to do when something goes wrong. This is why it also good to research typical tourism scams in the destination you’re going to, as well.

9. Get ready for surprises

When you travel, there is always a chance that things aren’t going to go the way you plan or expected. Always be calm, patient, and embrace whatever if going on. If your plans changed because of the weather conditions for example, there is no reason to get upset or angry, just find something else to do.

10. Pack Smart

You really don’t need all these dresses do you? Packing heavily and taking things you don’t need will make it difficult for you to get around. The most important things is for you to take things that you need such as clothes based on the weather condition, your medication if you take any, comfortable walking shoes, etc.

Travelling solo isn’t scary at all. The world is a beautiful place so you should never let fear stop you from experiencing the world. You are going to become a really confident person because of it.

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