IN PARTNERSHIP: TikTok is giving back in a big way this Ramadan.

To mark the Holy Month, TikTok is encouraging people to show kindness, tolerance, giving and togetherness through the art of storytelling through meaningful, diverse and authentic content.

In line with this, championing the spirit of kindness and giving, TikTok has donated $50,000 to the Egyptian Food Bank.

In partnership with the organisation, the content creation platform is highlighting issues such as food waste and bringing the community together. As well as this, TikTok and EFB are supporting local communities in need through effective programmes to combat hunger.

TikTok is also encouraging its users to put their support behind the initiative by spreading kindness via the #صناع_البهجة and #StitchKindness hashtags, spotlighting goodwill and empathy this Holy Month.

This alliance closely resonates with the values of TikTok, as noted by Farah Tukan, Head of Government Relations and Public Policy – Middle East, Turkey, Africa and Pakistan for the platform.

“The aim of this partnership is to support the most vulnerable groups, reduce food waste, and of course, bring the Egyptian community around such an impactful cause,” she said. “TikTok is a platform that promotes creativity and brings joy to its users, and has always been encouraging togetherness and applauding exemplary behaviour.”

This year marks the third year in a row TikTok has worked with EFB  during the Holy Month, always with the aim to bring communities together, support those in need and combat major issues like food waste.

For EFB, it’s a collaboration the charitable organisation is particularly proud of, as noted by CEO Mohsen Sarhan.

“The significance of the collaboration with Tiktok this year in particular stems from the fact that both of our campaigns align in the messaging through which we both stress on Ramadan values,” he explained. “At the Egyptian Food Bank this year we send out a message of ‘Farah Gehrirak’ through actions of kindness, tolerance, giving and togetherness.”

As well as their sizeable donation, TikTok has been hosting a number of Uninterrupted Ramadan live sessions under the  #صناع_البهجة and #StitchKindness hashtags to bring people together this Ramadan. A series of inspirational content is also being released promoting the key Ramadan value of tolerance in order to combat cyberbullying in the online world.

To join this charitable cause this Ramadan, make sure you’re following the #صناع_البهجة and #StitchKindness hashtags on TikTok.

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