Members include Martha Hunt, Vanessa Hudgens and Chanel Iman.

What did you pay for the last app you downloaded? Dhs20 at most, we’d guess.

How about Dhs18,365?

That’s how much an annual membership with digital members’ club Velocity Black will set you back – and there’s a one-off joining fee of the same amount.

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The app, which launched in 2016, is coming to Dubai for 2018, The National reports. Already available in London, New York, Miami and Los Angeles, it will launch here this week.

That price point isn’t the only barrier to entry, though. It’s an invitation-only system, with 20 founding members kicking things off in Dubai.

For the lucky few who make it, Velocity Black promises everything from inside-word restaurant recommendations and bookings to trips to Norway to swim with orca whales.

It’s about “life without limits,” founders Zia Yusuf and Alex Macdonald told The National.

“In the UAE, so many things are done because people simply ask themselves, ‘why not?’” Macdonald said. “Our app embodies the exact same spirit.”

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We can’t imagine they’ll be short of experiences to put together here. Dubai is full of ultra-luxe clubs and restaurants, and then there’s the great outdoors. A Velocity Black trip to the desert is likely to be slightly out of hand.

Travel is a large part of the app’s offering, so local members will also be able to opt for experiences in other parts of the world. Coachella, anyone?

And regardless of where you are in the world, your digital assistants will get back to you within a minute, no matter the time of day.

“Our app is all about getting the most out of life, in the most convenient way possible,” Yusuf told The National.

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Images: Velocity Black