They include a model in a hijab, as well as ones with stretch marks and vitiligo.

With their almost impossibly small waists and unproportionately long limbs, there’s no denying that most mannequins don’t look like the women we know in real life.

However one fashion brand is on a mission to change that.

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Missguided, a giant British-born retailer, has just unveiled a series of body-positive new models in a move that’s been celebrated widely by shoppers around the world.

The four mannequins revealed by the womenswear label each present a much more life-like representation of society, with one featuring freckles and another showcasing vitiligo.


Another model wears a leopard print hijab styled with relaxed denims and a cut-off tee over a long-sleeved shirt, while a fourth mannequin has stretch marks.

The move comes as part of Missguided’s Keep On Being You campaign, which also features campaign imagery starring unairbrushed models representing a wider display of body types.

“We’re on a mission to inspire you to feel unashamedly confident in being yourself,” the brand said in a blog post on its website. “Ignore the haters and always strive to be that little bit extra.”

The mannequins can only be seen at two of the brand’s London stores, but the images have spawned hundreds of comments on social media, with many praising Missguided for doing their part to challenge the fashion industry’s often unrealistic beauty ideals.

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The unveiling of the mannequins comes shortly after another British high-street brand revealed its new inclusive campaign that features its first hijabi model, in a move designed to “explore identity and reject the idea of labelling”.

River Island, which is widely available right here in the UAE, launched the people-positive campaign to mark its 30th anniversary.

“We believe that labels are for clothes, not people, so we’re spinning tired stereotypes on their head and reclaiming labels to make them positive and truly real,” the campaign imagery states.

River Island brought together 12 diverse individuals to front their new message, including Zara Sheriff, a 21-year-old Londoner with Pakistani heritage.

“When people speak to me they ask me where are you from and I say I’m British, and they will say no but where are you actually from, and I realise they mean my cultural heritage, and I say I’m Pakistani,” she tells The Debrief.

Here’s to even more of these inclusive campaigns in 2018.

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Images: Missguided/Facebook