We’ll be front-row in our hearts, if not in person.

It’s safe to say that modest fashion is in a bit of a golden era right now. From the success of Dubai’s first Modest Fashion Week in December, to the ever-growing list of hijabi style stars worth following, women who prefer modest style have probably never been better served.

If that’s you, you’ll want to keep an eye on New York Fashion Week. Modest label B. Zarina will be presenting an affordable luxury collection there.

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Sisters Shazia and Kulsoom founded the label in the US in 2015, but this collection will be their first to show at NYFW.

“We wanted to present a collection of beautifully made modest clothes that appeal to women of all backgrounds and mesmerize everyone who sees them,” said Kulsoom.

b zarina

While their pieces are all priced below US$250 (Dhs918), don’t expect a cheap look or feel. Quality doesn’t have to cost, if you ask the sisters.

“It’s important to us that we always use the finest materials and enhance them with beaded embellishments to create our garments,” Kulsoom continued.

“Using our combined 30 years of experience in designing and garment-making, we were able to source beautiful fabrics that allowed us to present a luxurious look.

“Most importantly, we’ve been able to create the modest fashion line we’ve always wanted while keeping our prices modest, too.”

Keeping fashion accessible is always going to be a good move, we think. Inspired by traditional Afghani clothing, but with a modern twist, the sisters’ collection is called Embellished Modesty and includes headwear as well as long, elegant dresses and jumpsuits.

New York Fashion Week runs from February 8 to 16.

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