We all know a kid that’s a fussy eater (maybe you were even one yourself).

However one Dubai entrepreneur has come up with a way to get children eating wholesome meals – without the need for bribery.

Yum in a Box, a healthy eating concept aimed at kids between the ages of two and 10, is made up of a nutritionally balanced meal in a fun (read: usefully distracting) container.

It’s almost like one of those meal delivery plans popular with adults who have no time to cook or are trying to control their portion sizes, except they’re made exclusively for children.

yum in a box

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The idea was conceived by Sara Ghosn, a UAE-raised and London-educated businesswoman who says the project is inspired by her desire to tackle the growing rise in child obesity in the UAE.

“Children are the most receptive and adaptable little beings and it is our duty to instill positive eating habits that reinforce a healthy relationship with food from the very beginning,” she said.

“At the end of the day, we are dealing with children and therefore every aspect has to answer to their curious, inquisitive and playful nature – that includes the look and feel of the food itself.”

Each box contains customised breakfast, lunch and snacks menus in a portable container that’s covered in colourful designs and mind-teasing games.

Ghosn worked with chefs and nutritionists to devise options that tick the essential nutrient boxes while also remaining appetising enough for young tastebuds.

Sara Ghosn

Founder of Yum In A Box Sara Ghosn is making healthy eating fun for kids

While also proving a school lunch saviour for busy mums, Ghosn says she wants Yum in a Box to change the way kids think about food.

“’Healthy’ is a term children often associate with tasteless greens and we want to change this perception by labelling it ‘good food’ instead,” she said, adding that the healthy food options for kids in the UAE is rather lacking.

Dishes include things like hummus wraps, apricot oat cookies, mini veggie pizzas, rice and lentil salads, and banana and date smoothies.

Boxes can be delivered to homes, schools or nurseries, and cost Dhs30 for a breakfast, lunch, snack and fruit for two to five years olds, and Dhs32 for six to 10 years olds.

You can also choose to have fewer options – like just lunch and a snack – for a smaller cost.

For more information, check out yuminaboxuae.com.

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