As Paris Fashion Week went completely digital this year, an element of the UAE was brought into it.

Homegrown designer Kristina Fidelskaya debuted her AW21 collection at Paris Fashion Week digitally, with the entire show being shot here in the UAE.

The latest collection consists of contemporary classics in a unique artisanal flair, keeping Brigitte Bardot – the cinematic marvel – as the focal point of the show.

Produced at the UNESCO World Heritage site, the Mleiha Archaeological Centre in Sharjah, the eponymous label displayed a daring act with this season’s must-haves as it displayed an ode to the modern woman through an array of timeless pieces.

Kristina Fidelskaya runway

With sartorial comfort exuded through the collection, the theme of the show was portrayed through Bibi, who was often referred to by her initials B.B. as she was a prominent figure of her time. From silk ruffles to form-fitting silhouettes, Kristina Fidelskaya’s signature detailing was embroidered on each piece.

Discussing her latest collection, Fidelskaya said, “This collection takes the brand a step closer to the wardrobe I envision of the modern woman and her needs. Our definition of luxury is changing, and fashion is evolving. Continued collaborations, now with the addition of our hats, is allowing me to further mold the Kristina Fidelskaya universe, and complete my vision of our woman, and her look.”

Featuring contemporary classics with antenna cockerel features, the brand’s signature intricate hand-cut leather with suede, cashmere wool and silk chiffon in muted tones as these versatile pieces fit perfectly with the concept of eclectic nomadism.

Established since 2014 in Dubai, an ongoing partnership with HALM has been seen through the collection, especially with the Bino bag inspired by an antique binocular case, seen as an amalgamation of a personal journey experience with time travel.

Inspired by the story of transformation, a story of ease was seen through the pieces in the form of timeless hues, while enchanting its audience.

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