Heba Ali is making a name for herself with her almost-unbelievable skills.

She’s a body builder, power lifter and rising star, so it’s no wonder Heba Ali has been likened to superhero Wonder Woman.

Boasting impressive speed, strength and stamina, this personal trainer has gained an ever-growing social media following in recent months thanks to her motivational videos.

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The New Jersey-based athlete, who told Granite Supplements she’s of Jordanian descent, is the CEO of Evolve Nation, a fitness programme dedicated to helping clients boost their health.

Ali first discovered her passion for working out at high school, she revealed on her website, after coming last in every track racing meet she ran.

“I was overlooked, I truly felt invisible and worthless,” she wrote. “The majority of people in my shoes would have thrown in the towel and given up with the lack of encouragement and guidance given.

New hair new routine!!! This circuit was an absolute KILLER… No joke…using @xdfitofficial 60lb sandbag and 60 lb ball kicked my ass. Wearing my @ironrebel wrist wraps and knee sleeves has been helpful for me especially on training days like this where I’m working on strength and conditioning. I ran through this at least 4 times: Squats 185 Lbs ➡️ 300 Lb Sled Pull / 60 Lb SandBag Power Clean & Press ➡️ Lateral Hurdle Sprinters ➡️ 60 LB Ball Throw over + Lateral Jump + Burpees Tag someone who’s down to try this circuit… ———————————————————————————————— #bethebestyou #pushyourself #cardioday #weighttraining #girlswhotrain #hiitworkout #progressnotperfection #putinwork #shoulderworkout #strengthandconditioning #athleticperformance #hybridtrainer #speedwork #coretraining #sledpush #hebaali #hybridtraining #dontgiveup #performanceathlete #sprints #squatsfordays #evolvenation #trainharder #pushpullgrind #gettingstronger #sledpull #functionaltraining #powercleans #strengthtraining #girlswholiftweights @sportbible @getbsf @gymbeaston @worldstar @fitness.union @musclevideos @muscle.union @fitandfiesty @super_athletes @athleticstandard @creategains @gainzvillle @gym.legends @thisisinsiderfitness @unilad @shredded.union @shredded_academy @workout.rus @15cek @treinofeminino

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“Deciding not to give up, I worked three times harder than the other athletes, running four miles to practices from my house, and spending endless hours at the gym after track practice improving my skills.”

Two seasons later, she added, she was the school’s strongest 800-metre runner.

Now a “hybrid trainer”—meaning she specialises in a combination of bodybuilding and power lifting—Ali has amassed more than 260,000 Instagram followers with her inspirational videos and tutorials.

“My mission to this day is to inspire every person to push their limits physically and discover their mental strength and to never give up when they face struggle,” she told Granite Supplements, adding that she also enjoys belly dancing.

“This is what I teach my clients and every person aspiring to grow: without struggle there is no success.

“I’m a real performance-based athlete and I’ve made my mark by showing my resilience, work ethic and strength through each of my workouts and this realness that social media is missing is what allowed me to break and evolve in the fitness industry.”

Just want to say thank you. I may not get to respond to every message or comment but I do read them and I am beyond grateful for the support. One thing I’ve learned is that in the end the only thing that will matter are the human connections we make with those who enter our lives, near or far. You’re in my life for a purpose. I’ve made it my purpose to create a community for my clients to feel unwavering support, love, encouragement and motivation from myself and one another. A place where my clients are receiving more than just a one on one. Being a trainer or a coach is caring about your clients beyond the gym walls and walking with them through life, using fitness as an outlet and a tool to bring people together through that one common denominator. In doing so for the past few years, I often forget the impact I actually create in their lives. Your daily messages are a reminder of my purpose and never fail to put a smile on my face #HebaAli #EvolveNation #HybridTrainer —————————————————————————

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Ali made headlines on fitness sites and magazines in 2017 thanks to her videos, with many comparing her to the Amazonian Wonder Woman.

However the trainer insists that despite her success, she “knows what it feels like to want to quit”.

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“I know what it feels like to start from the bottom, I know what it feels like to feel like you’re not good enough, strong enough, or worthy enough,” she posted on Evolve Nation’s website.

“Believe me, I felt it all and I’ve made it my focus to help those not only in sports but those leaving an ordinary life who can relate to these feelings.”

We’re feeling inspired to hit that yoga class after work after all…

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Images: Heba Ali/Instagram