When it comes to protecting the heritage of the region, illi Studio has made a mark.

Designed for the modern woman, each abaya is created with a modern touch, yet they embody those age-old techniques that add a unique flair.

With streamlined designs and exquisite pieces, this brand shows how everyone can follow trends and still dress modestly.

To understand more, Emirates Woman spoke to Rawdha Thani about creating a luxury fashion label that delivers detail with integrity.

What do the first 30 minutes of your day look like, your morning routine?

I like to start my morning by setting a positive tone for the day. I say three things I am grateful for and three things I am looking forward to along with what I would like to get done on that day. I like to prepare a list of the things that need to be done as this helps structure my day.

illi Studio abaya

What inspired you to launch illi Studio and how did you know the moment was right?

I always wanted to start illi for as long as I could remember, during the pandemic hit I found myself with more time to reflect and a strong creative flow of ideas. I knew this was the time for me to start working on it, so I went ahead and was instantly consumed by it.

Can you talk us through your creative process?

I like things that go back to a story or a memory. I’m a very sentimental person and direct my energy towards anything that’s meaningful. The majority of my collections are inspired by space and astrology and Morocco as my mother is originally from there. I have always been fascinated with space and stars and moons. My senior project was also inspired by the same as I designed a star gazing yacht. With colour playing a huge factor in my process, I take the colours that I love and execute them on my work according to the women I envision them for. I like to do a lot of sampling and love to try out a lot of things, as I work on my pieces for months until I’m happy with them.

illi Studio shoot

Your pieces preserve the UAE’s traditions. Was protecting this heritage a goal from the outset?

I am very inspired by my heritage and being an Emirati woman is a great privilege, especially as I’m surrounded by so many strong creative women. I think it’s our duty as Emirati designers to preserve our traditions and pass them down to the next generation.

You give traditional abayas a contemporary spin. Tell us about your attention to detail?

I always say I design for the modern woman. As fashion changes, all the time and I believe modest fashion will always be evolving as well. Adding small details, slits, modern cuts, and bold colors adds a nice modern twist to abayas. I also style my shoots with immaculate attention to detail and make sure I bring in trendy elements to further show how you can follow trends and still dress modestly.

illi Studio

This is ‘The Integrity Issue’ – what does integrity mean to you?

I think integrity is something key. It brings positive energy to the table and I am a firm believer in energy, strong morals and transparency. Transparency grows to respect and trust which are principal responsibilities to me.

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