For an effective nighttime skincare routine, La Prairie has launched the exquisite new Pure Gold Radiance Nocturnal Balm with unique properties.

As the skin shifts into repair mode at nighttime, it’s imperative to use formulas that enhance this process and cleans the day’s pollutants from the core.

Designed to rebuild the skin with a two-step approach, this gentle formula eases out any tension as it works the product into the skin.

This regenerative product contains genuine gold particles drawn from 90 years of Swiss cellular science to slow down the ageing process.

La Prairie skincare product

This nutrient-enriched formula increases lymphatic drainage while detoxifying any daily build-up of tension with its gold diffusion system. Customers can perform a calming facial massage with the accompanying massage stone for all the skincare benefits for any seamless nighttime routine.

Designed under the Pure Gold Collection line, the carefully created formula replenishes skin health from the inside out, night after night.

With opulent packaging, this container has been designed with a sleek, sliding cover complemented with the cooling store, which can be applied with intricate stokes to ensure healthier guilt-free skin in the morning.

Created with a sustainable approach, the brand takes inspiration from nature with an exquisite formula that keeps the environment in mind.

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