Wear your art on your feet…

We all know the power of a new pair of shoes shouldn’t be underestimated. Just ask Carrie Bradshaw, or Cinderella.

But one Dubai-based artist is taking things to the next level by transforming the most basic of kicks – the humble white sneaker – into stunning, one-of-a-kind masterpieces.

Costume designer Charlotte Hudders has been setting up shop at Level Shoes in the Dubai Mall, inking personalised designs on customers’ brand new shoes.

Much of her work is inspired by nature, with her floral designs and illustrated animals proving especially popular.

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“I love working with my hands and experimenting with a variety of mediums to create artwork,” the artist explained.

“My work is very diverse! Some weeks I’m working on large scale sculptural projects, creating costumes and puppets or head pieces, sometimes I’m creating sketches and illustrations for clients.

“Recently I’ve had this wonderful opportunity to collaborate with Level Shoes to turn white sneakers into personalised artwork. I’m really enjoying the interaction with the guests and creating the wearable art pieces live in the store.”

How can you get your feet into a pair of customised kicks?

Well, you’ll need to purchase a pair of sneakers from Level Shoes (obviously white shoes are the best canvas, but Hudders says she can even create designs on high heels). Your new shoes will then be given an instant makeover, free of charge.

Hudders will next be offering her customisation service at Level Shoes on the weekends of April 14 and 15 and May 19 and 20, but to see more of her work, you can check out her website here.

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Images: Supplied