Navigating through your 20s can be a difficult time. Mistakes are made, but big lessons are also learned.

Makeup and perfume mogul Mona Kattan knows this all too well, but is hoping to inspire those currently in this stage of life with some key lessons she’s learned during this pivotal decade.

Taking to Instagram, Kattan recently revealed the six key things she learned during her 20s, something she recently discussed in a longer YouTube video.

Sharing invaluable advice about everything from family to work to relationships to health and more, here are the main lessons Kattan learned in her 20s.


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Start therapy earlier on

In the video, Kattan discussed the topic of therapy. It was something she was keen to do for a long time, but was afraid of speaking out. However, she eventually sought help in her 30s. An advocate for mental health, she states that “developing yourself has the biggest return on investment than anything else”. She highlighted that it’s “more [important] than your education, more than doing any courses, more than investing in the stock market”.

Stay away from gossipers

When discussing friendships, in relation to gossipers, Kattan firmly stated it’s a “waste of your time”. She added, “You do not need to surround yourself with people who talk about other people.”

Gossiping was not part of Kattan’s family life, however, Kattan felt “drained” by people she was friends with at a young age as they were always talking about others.

Say ‘no’ more

Kattan explains that she was putting other peoples feelings ahead of her own in relationships and working environments during her 20s.  She felt “obliged” to continue relationships with certain people so she didn’t hurt their feelings.

Don’t let go of your health

From the ages of 14 to 23, Kattan was “obsessed” with her health and “always working out”. However, when she graduated from university she admits she struggled with her diet and exercise regime. Passionately speaking to her followers in relation to health she said, “Without it, you really do have nothing.”

Trust your gut

Stating that “your feelings are your compass”, the YouTube star explains that disconnecting from your feelings can make you miss red flags throughout your 20s.

“[Your gut] is an accumulation of intelligence that your subconscious picks up when you cant pick it up yourself,” Kattan said.

Never compare yourself to others

In relation to relationships, career progression and social media, the mogul suggests that “comparison is the thief of joy”. Only “compare yourself to yourself”, she said.

Watch Kattan’s full Youtube video below.

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