Another long weekend heading our way?

Nothing is harder than returning back to work and our routine after a long weekend. But while we sit in our office, trying to get back in the working mood, we are dreaming of and planning our next vacation. But we might not have to wait long, as our next long weekend could be coming up later this month.

The next public holiday is set to be the Hijri (Islamic) New Year. According to a circular issued by the government earlier this year, we will be getting the first day of Muharram off, but this will be dependent on the sighting of the moon. Muharram is expected to fall on Saturday, August 31 or Sunday, September 1. So, it will either be a regular weekend or a long one, but we are hopping for the latter.

In March, the government sent out a tweet from their official Twitter account, saying that it will be granting equal days off in an effort to achieve a balance between the two sectors and supporting the national economy. Previously, the public sector enjoyed longer holidays, as they were given additional days off, but starting this year, both sectors will be given 14 days of national holiday.


With Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha behind us, all we have left is the Islamic New Year, Commemoration Day and the UAE National Day. The dates for the last two are set and confirmed with Martyr’s Day falling on November 30, a Saturday. Meanwhile, the UAE’s 48th National Day will be on December 2, a Monday, so we are guaranteed a day off.

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Media: Pintrest