Budding diamond designers, listen up…

Want to bling up this year’s Mother’s Day? Well, so long as you’re willing to bankroll it (this is definitely out of the budget of pocket money alone), this could be the answer.

The city is full of kids’ clubs and activities, but there’s one that’s a little more Dubai than most (read: super luxurious).

55FIFTY7 is a diamond studio in the emirate that creates rather impressive pieces with precious stones, but the d3 location specialises in turning sketches into a reality.

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And it’s not just potential grooms’ ideas for engagement rings, either – the studio welcomes little ones in to explore their artistic side.

The Young Designer’s Lounge “is not a crèche where children are contained while the adults explore their creativity”, the brand says – instead they can have their masterpieces crafted at the studio’s factory.

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55FIFTY7 designers help with the brainstorming process, to come up with one-of-a-kind pieces that actually work in real life.

“Every child is an artist,” said the brand’s co-founder and principal designer, Maryam Hassani. “Children can easily think outside the box; they can express their feelings and emotions so much more easily than us adults.”

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Hassani says designing comes quite naturally to children, who are given a certificate naming them as the brainchild of any piece they create.

“Within our culture we were always gifted with jewellery [as children], so it’s all around them,” she said. “Dubai is the city of gold, after all.”

So if you’re looking for an extra-special Christmas or Mother’s Day present, bookmark this for some hint-dropping…

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