Whimsical pastel decor and “mermaid toast”? We’re sold.

We’re always on the hunt for a new weekend hideaway here in Dubai—and we think we’ve just found our newest one.

And it’s not just the menu that looks set to get people talking; think perfect-for-the-‘Gram decor and slogan tees for sale.

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Tania’s Teahouse has just opened on Jumeirah Beach Road (near the Burj Al Arab), and is the brainchild of local entrepreneur Tania Lodi.


The two-storey cafe is stylistically a blend of millennial minimalism and Wes Anderson-worthy pastel furnishings, with rose-gold accents and marble touches.

As you’d expect from the name, there’s a huge focus on everything tea-related, with a range of speciality custom-blended brews on offer (as well as plenty of coffee).


Menu-wise, think picture-perfect dishes such as fruit-studded chia puddings, quinoa superbowls and cakes layered in teacups.

The “mermaid toast”—a slice of bread swirled with pastel-hued cream cheese—is a plate we reckon you’ll be seeing all over your social media this summer.


Currently in its soft-launch phase, the teahouse officially opens for business on April 8, and is set to host pop-ups, crafting classes and mindfulness workshops in the coming months.

Tania’s also features an in-house gift shop, which stocks tea-themed goodies like mugs, bags, and greeting cards (we’re particularly taken with the ‘hey there, habib-tea’ t-shirts).


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Well, we know where we’ll be this weekend…

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