First founded in Beirut Lebanon, thegoodlife. seamlessly paved the way to this part of the world and prides itself in developing Dubai’s burgeoning sneaker culture.

From covetable collections to limited-edition drops, the space has a plethora of designs to suit every customer’s needs. Located in Alserkal Avenue, this concept store became a top-tier lifestyle brand in no time with its brick-and-mortar space and online platform and since then has become a ribitol influence on Middle Eastern sneaker culture.

The team behind the concept tells us more about what it took to launch this concept and how the sneaker culture continues to grow on a daily basis in this part of the world.

Tell us more about the concept?

thegoodlife. started in Beirut 15 years ago as the first store of its kind in the region. We wanted people in the region to have access to products they might not be familiar with and open a lifestyle that wasn’t fully available.


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thegoodlife. adds to Dubai’s growing sneaker community. Was this the vision from the outset?

Our vision was always to be able to offer the best footwear releases to the community, whilst releasing them in the fairest possible way. We also wanted to nurture the community as a whole. Our overall ethos is to be fair, we don’t prioritise community members, we don’t gatekeep, and we want the shoes we sell to go to someone who wears them and not to resellers who are out to make a profit.

With collab culture at an all-time high, what makes a sneaker collaboration stand out to you?

Perhaps a controversial outlook, but collaborations don’t stand out much anymore. We’re more interested in general releases and what comes without a cosign. It seems that there is too much pressure for a collab to impress, and it’s detrimental to the outcome. Designing for design’s sake, and it steps away from the core principle of what
footwear should be, focusing on the material, the core makeup.

Which sneakers brands sell out season after season?

We’re seeing New Balance surge as an up-and-comer. Of course, there’s Nike and Jordan that has a strong presence in the region, along with Adidas’ new silhouettes NDM S1 and classics like gazelle.

Sneakers have become a worldwide investment tool for many – tell us your thoughts.

It’s great that shoes are seen as investment-grade assets. But it’s not the beginning, it’s not the end, it’s not what it was, and it’s not what it’s going to be. It’s just a snapshot of consumer culture at the moment. Is it beneficial to a sneakerhead? No.


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When it comes to collecting sneakers, what piece of advice would you give?

Buy what you like, wear what you like, and step away from social media, influencers, and whoever isn’t you who is telling you what you like. It doesn’t have to have a swoosh or three stripes to be cool. There are brands like Karhu, Saucony, and ASICS, that have so much to offer. There are so many things that you can possibly enjoy simply because you like them. First and foremost, wear for you, if you happen to have people who engage with you or like what you like, that is a bonus. However, you should never buy into what you think other people want you to collect.

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