“I never fear competition because competition strengthens, motivates and humbles you.”

HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE, isn’t short of a few wise words or two.

Over the last few decades, the royal has inspired list after list of his best quotes – and we’ve recently been treated to some more.

The ruler took to his LinkedIn page in November to share some of his thoughts on the subject of “Lessons in Life” – and they’re both personal and insightful.

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“Life has taught me that change is constant; it is also our best teacher. As the earth changes its seasons, the sky its stars, and the sun and moon move through the horizon, so our life also evolves endlessly,” HH Sheikh Mohammed – who also dabbles in poetry – wrote.

“The world waits for no one – those who do not learn and evolve can stumble and often fall. Nations, like people, need change to grow and develop. Some governments live in the past, many struggle with the present – a few are building the future.”

sheikh mohammed

Sheikh Mohammed is often asked about the UAE’s leadership and development, he revealed, adding that a “successful government spends less time playing politics, devising complex strategies and spreading positive stories, and far more investing in the human being”.

“The ultimate success of a nation relies on how government empowers its citizens. The wisdom, success and vision of the government should only be measured, and judged, by its people – a nation’s enduring asset is its citizens.”

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The royal, who has also penned several books during his career, revealed he doesn’t fear a little competition, “because competition strengthens, motivates and humbles you”.

“By being humble in times of triumph and success, a leader provides a glowing example to everyone, just like the UAE’s late father and founder Sheikh Zayed,” Sheikh Mohammed wrote.

“This powerful leader spoke gently and listened carefully. He taught me that all people and nations are under God and all wealth is God’s blessing. We should treat all people equally, and open our doors willingly to all who seek opportunity.”

We’re feeling inspired to print this out and stick it on our desks…

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