These three honeymoon spots are topping the travelling trends for 2013 newlyweds.

1. Glamping

This popular and relatively inexpensive form of holidaying has tipped over into the wedding-o-sphere, with couples choosing luxurious tents in the great outdoors over suites at the latest grand hotel.

2. The Maxi-Moon

Some argue that the greatest day of your life should be followed by the greatest adventure of your life… and no, this time we’re not actually talking about the marriage part. Spending weeks travelling around the world is the latest way to celebrate your wedding in style.

3. The Mini-Moon

Conversely, many couples are now choosing to prolong their honeymoon departure until a more convenient date, and are instead choosing to spend a long weekend immediately after their wedding somewhere relaxing and romantic, before jetting off on the real thing later in the year.

Image: Corbis