Emirates Woman went in search of the best ’dos in town. Here are our pick of the crop…

Style: The Bow

Tested by: Assistant Beauty Editor, Elizabeth Whiston-Dew

Hairdresser: Alexandra

Salon: Sisters Beauty LoungeA good accessory should not just be the reserve of the fash pack. Calling all beauty aficionados – opt for the bow. A little tongue-in-cheek, it’s perfect for party-season posing. The hairdresser started with a simple looped ponytail, then splitting the hair down the centre she secured either side with a bobby pin. Pulling the ends of the hair up through the middle and then pinning creates the bow-like shape. A misting of super-hold hairspray, and you’re set.

Location: Level 1, The Dubai Mall

Tel: (04) 3398500

Price: Dhs315

Time: 25 minutes


Style: The Grecian


Tested by: Fashion and Beauty Writer, Annah Cuthbert

Hairdresser: Alexander

Salon: JetSet
With something a little Helen of Troy meets this season’s Pucci plaits in mind, I asked Alexander, my Brazilian hair stylist, for a Grecian-inspired up do. After whipping my locks into a frenzy with a weave of clips, curls and braids, I was left with a soft, windswept style that remained true to my number one rule: “Nothing too bridal!”

Location: Level 4, Grosvenor House

Tel: (04) 3995005

Price: Dhs220

Time: 50 minutes

Style: The Glam Pony


Tested by: Fashion and Beauty Assistant, Alexandra Venison

Hairdresser: Manuel

Salon: Pastels, The Ritz Carlton

The ponytail is my go-to style of choice, so I had high expectations for the pro version. Manuel began by brushing out my hair and tying it into place, and then with a bit of backcombing, some more brushing and a dash of hairspray I was left with a stunning, and most importantly, lasting creation. After a flurry of compliments, all I need to do now is master his technique.

Location: Jumeirah Beach Residence

Tel: (04) 3186141

Price: Dhs250

Time: 20 minutes


Style: The Messy Chignon


Tested by: Deputy Editor, Alexandria Gouveia

Hairdresser: Johnny

Salon: Jacques La Coupe

A modern twist on the classic style favoured by Alfred Hitchcock’s leading ladies. To add texture to my heavy, straight hair, Johnny lightly curled my locks with a curling tong before achieving the volume by backcombing my hair to within an inch of its life. What happened next was a show of absolute precision and skill as Johnny sectioned my hair before ingeniously twisting and pinning it into sections, slowly creating a neat twist, working from the bottom to the top, until all my hair was gripped into position with bobby pins, except for the fringe, which was swept across my forehead for a more romantic touch. Some loose strands at the back added a playful spin to the otherwise conservative look. Set with hairspray and a little wax on the fringe, the style lasted for two days!

Location: The Address Dubai Marina

Tel: (04) 4458381

Price: Dhs350

Time: 30 minutes


Photo: http://www.hji.co.uk/, Mary Katrantzou