Words by Kirstyn Lewis – Founder of the Karmic Soul

The song almost has it right, this is the dawning of the Full Moon in Aquarius.

Our Sturgeon Moon is wonderfully and spiritually connected, it is also very potent. It will be exact just before sunrise in Dubai at 5:35 am, on August 12 although you will notice it appears nearly full the evening before and after its peak.

The Moon has sidled up to Saturn who means business. He wants you to structure your thoughts and practice patience around your emotions.

Have you been working on a career change? A result is near but is still hidden from others. It’s been slow so expect this Moon cycle to reflect more on your expectations around work and what you can bring to the table. She is more instinctive and perspicacious than usual as she is on the precipice of moving into Pisces.

A visionary sense of optimism abounds, but be careful not to miss essential details related to your next move—plan for unexpected glitches. Double-check your emails, text and social or business media accounts who said what and when. Who is making a mistake?

This Aquarian moon is exceptionally intense as Venus also moves into Leo on August 12. Venus confirms you may be thinking or in the process of changing your physical environment. This is the time to experiment with a different lifestyle if you are. Do you want to explore new perspectives? Especially on a global scale? You can inspire others with your unique viewpoint; those living far away from you will be particularly interested in hearing about what you have to say. The horizon is no longer fixed, so remain open and progressive in your approach.

You’re very motivated as Mars is making a lovely aspect to Venus in Pisces, so if you are starting something new, it will be a dream partnership. This pairing will enlighten you. It will be important to be savvy with communications and technology before you start any new venture.

Venus in Leo is opposite a transformative Pluto. This will bring up power dynamics, and this is not only in love and romance. The stars suggest potential financial mismanagement closely related to foreigners or foreign shores. Watch out for trickery and manipulation around money; you won’t want to be taken advantage of. Be mindful of international fraud and any payments made overseas on or around the full moon; a criminal element potentially lurks. Luckily Pluto in Capricorn will make sure you’re protected, as you seem to be keeping track of spending more diligently than usual.

A quiet, classy woman who oozes sex appeal can quickly fire up jealous or protective partners. Are you enjoying an overseas vacation and having too much fun? It’s all harmless in the scheme of things, although someone more controlling may not see it that way.

Although the Aquarius Moon aspect suggests anxiety and oversensitivity, know you have a right to feel safe and not threatened by another’s insecurities. Love can take on a soulful or dreamy quality despite the possible drama, so expect to compromise. You may like to point out that you are in an ideal position to make some precious career contacts for one of you (which is why you have a stranger’s number on your phone).

If you experience conflicting pressures, you may need to juggle more than usual; pay attention to the mental clarity you are blessed with on or before the Full Moon.

All these noticeable changes will ultimately favour you, so remain positive; the universe has your back.

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Image: Supplied & Feature image: Instagram @yana.potter.art