With travelling on everyone’s radar again, a mandatory 10 to 14-day quarantine might be an unavoidable obstacle when visiting a number of destinations globally, to curb the spread of this novel coronavirus.

As this compulsory quarantine is faced by many globally, Emirates Woman has curated a list of essentials to pack for you to be prepared at all times.

Exercise equipment


It’s always best to get some time for those stretches instead of simply sitting Infront of the screen all day, as engaging in some physical activity will help you exhaust yourself by ensuring you remain energetic all day. A yoga mat can be used for a myriad of exercises during your stay, as being active is key during the pandemic, especially in the mandatory hotel quarantine to protect your mental health. Additional items such as skipping ropes, resistance bands and work out gear can help you go a long way amid the quarantine.

HDMI cable

For all those movie nights or to bring in that cinematic experience as you quarantine, an HDMI cable is the best way to stay on track with all those Netflix series as you binge-watch your favourite shows to pass time amidst all those days spent in isolation.

Chromecast with Google TV

Google chromecast

With its ability to turn any TV into a smart one, it provides a seamless service for all your streaming apps, as it can be used with the remote or your phone to watch your favourite TV shows or movies online, with entertainment that you love, anytime and anywhere, just with the click of a button.

Beauty tools and skincare products

As the stress can take a toll on your skincare routine, it’s always essential to ensure that it’s looked after accordingly, with either massage tools or spa day treats including facemasks, an eye mask or any supplements that might be worth considering as one might not be exposed to enough sunlight during their stay. Bath bombs can be an additional add-on, in case you feel like pampering yourself with a luxe bath as some hotels might have one.

Essential oils

Essential oils

Keeping the room fresh is key, as food smells might overpower the room and with some hotels not having windows, this might be the best possible way of eliminating any unwanted odor to ensure it stays fresh at all times.

Board games

If you’re quarantining with your family, there can be a host of activities that can be done together such as jigsaw puzzles, playing cards, monopoly or chess to keep the little ones or your loved ones entertained throughout the trip as it will help to engage everyone with family fuelled activities to keep the mind alert

Extra snacks

From simple treats such as nature valley bars to tea bags, it’s always best to be prepared with all the necessary snacks, so you don’t run out. Stocking on your favourite treats whether sweet, salty or savoury can give you a pantry-friendly option and keep you energized in a healthy manner, as the internet is flooded with a host of amazing recipes for people to hone their true cooking skills.

Cooking supplies

Depending on where you quarantine, not all kitchens will have the equipment you need to experiment with your cooking on a daily basis. Whether cutlery or basic utensils, it’s best to be prepared with all the tools you need for a healthy meal prep whether you quarantine alone or with your family.

First aid kit

First aid kit

With the quarantine period imposing quite a strain on all the family members, having a box of all the medical essentials will ensure you’re prepared at all times, whether band-aids or Panadol’s, an emergency kit is always handy for any potential ailment.

So with all the necessary items to prepare within the place, you’re sure to be all set for the next quarantine in the pipeline.

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Feature image: Pexels @tatiana