As the temperatures soar for the next few months, keeping ourselves entertained with indoor activities throughout the summer months.

From experiencing art to visiting an independent cinema with friends and family, there’s something for everyone to experience.

So, without reminiscing on the cooler months, it’s time to make the most of the indoors. Also one can experience the plethora of activities in Dubai that are worth every dime.

Instead, you should be turning to the incredible indoor offerings Dubai has ready for the summer months, and believe us.
Choosing an indoor summer activity can depend on various factors such as your interests, budget, and available time. Hence, we’re here to help you decide.

Identify your interests

What do you enjoy doing? If it’s reading, crafting, fitness or games, this guide has something for everyone. It’s also important to see if you prefer solitary activities or group activities.

Assess available time

How much time do you have? If it’s a few hours then opt for a sound healing session for an hour is a time bound activity. If you have the entire day, then a session at The Jam Jar is more fluid.

Consider your goals

To relax, laid-back activities such a spa day or a self-care zen session is the perfect option. For something new or exciting, Dubai has a myriad of options. They include TODA or a museum to open your mind and expand the horizon.

Total people

If it’s a group activity, finding something suitable such as a Roast lunch or The Smash Room. These activities can work best to enjoy in a collective setting.

Take a break from the mundane trips to the mall and cinema visits. For some inspiration on your next weekend plan or midweek treat, swipe through our gallery of where to book.

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