Men’s swimwear pieces are the ultimate wardrobe staples all year round, especially living in a hot climate like the UAE.

The new summer-inspired label, Felventura is the latest one to check out on the block.

Ghady and Roberto, the founders of swimwear brand Felventura founded the label on their visit to Dubai and knew it would be the perfect fit for the Middle East.

To understand more about how they launched and what’s at the core of the brand’s DNA, Emirates Man spoke to them about what makes their brand different from the rest.

What inspired you to start your own men’s swimwear brand?

Our love for the region and our passion for fashion, beach and summer inspired us to come up with a swimwear label that does not focus on catchy patterns but offers expressive and concept-based designs using the highest quality of materials sourced from the north of Italy. We spent four months travelling through the country to source the best quality of materials and suppliers. It was not only eye-opening in terms of fashion and business but also great for our waistlines. It was a happy adventure that we embarked on and so the name Felventura, derived from two Italian words: Felice (Happy) and Avventura (Adventure) was born.


What lies at the core of Felventura’s DNA?

Felventura combines the uniqueness of designs with top-notch quality that fits all tastes and ensures that our customers stand out in the crowd.

How has your brand evolved since its inception?

We have launched the first collection in the year 2019 focusing on the UAE market and on our online store only. We later expanded our online presence and are currently offering worldwide delivery. Moreover, we wanted to have Felventura available in selective stores and currently, the brand is at Dubai’s top concept stores, five stars hotels and beach clubs. As for our collection, we did the first two years with just the swim shorts, then in April 2021, we introduced our first T-shirts.

What challenges did the pandemic impose on your business and how did you overcome them?

COVID-19 has created an unpleasant situation for many small business owners including ours due to confinement that took place all over the world, and consumers becoming cautious about their spending amid the pandemic. Our collection release of the year 2020 got delayed by three months due to delays in overseas shipments. Since trading was relatively slow for us during that period, this has given us a moment to step back and focus on what we do and how we do it. We used this time to enhance all our systems and procedures and made sure to close leads with big resellers to plan a fresh comeback post confinement.

Does social media play a key role in growing your brand?

Yes, all the social media channels are important – they all have different functions in helping us promote our products and to connect with our customers. Instagram, however, is the one for us that resonates the most. We love to see our customers sharing their moments with us by tagging Felventura in their pictures and stories. It is an expression of love and pride in what they are wearing.

Your pieces are differentiated with their catchy prints, was this the aim from the start?

Not only catchy prints but concept-based designs. The idea of Felventura was born in a market that lacked concept-based designs and was driven purely by catchy patterns. By shifting perceptions towards expressive and meaningful designs, Felventura aims to be the ultimate trendsetter.

Felventura Swimwear

What key tailoring elements allow each swimwear piece to stand out?

The core of each swimwear design and piece combines conceptual, edgy, aspirational, trendy and comfortable. It’s the love and attention to detail we put on each piece that allows the Brand to stand out.

What piece of advice would you give to your younger selves?

Comparison is the death of success, while it is important to study the competition, comparison can do more harm than good. Focus on your passion and what you love, be unique in what you do, believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to take risks.

Are there any future innovations in the pipeline for the brand?

Innovations are key for the brand. In the coming seasons, we plan to expand our collections to cover shirts, shorts, towels and other beach accessories. We aim to always be innovative and make sure our designs are distinguished from other brands in the market to reflect our own identity while maintaining a premium quality for all of our products.

How would the both of you best describe your approach to daily dressing?

We have as many similarities as differences in our characters, but one thing we both align on is how much we value fashion. For us, fashion is about making a statement, we embrace this in our brand as well as in our daily dressing.

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