IN PARTNERSHIP: When it comes to beauty we focus on our brows, lashes, skin, lips and more, but rarely do we focus on how we can enhance our eye colour.

But with COLORVISION, you can totally transform your look with their premium coloured contact lenses.

COLORVISION considers its lenses as a fashion statement that can match your mood or style. Their collection of unique colours enhances your natural eye hue.

The Pförtner family curated the idea of coloured high-quality contact lenses after crafting prosthetic eyes for victims of World War II. Since then the family has spent decades cultivating the artisanal skills of replicating the natural iris.

Now using the latest innovations, COLORVISION uses the Pförtner technique to keep pigment out of contact with the eye. Made in Brazil but with craftsmanship from Germany, COLORVISION ensures safe and comfortable use all day long.

What makes COLORVISION special, is the 20 per cent transparency in their lenses, that blends with the natural eye colour, giving the wearer a unique and special look.

COLORVISION lenses are premium CE-approved monthly coloured contact lenses, manufactured with utmost clinical and safety measures and they can be bought with and without prescriptions.

COLORVISION is available in all optic shops in GCC & MENA region including Turkey and Morocco. COLORVISION is also available online at

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