Six months living in Dubai has finally taken its toll on my skin. With the heat and sunshine, not forgetting the air conditioning, my poor pores don’t know what to do with themselves. One half of the month I’m suffering with breakouts, the next half my skin is dry as a fresh napkin.

I decided to sort my skin out once and for all with an Enzymatic Detoxifying Cure treatment, also known as an extraction facial at The Address hotel, Dubai Marina.

To start, my cleansed skin was treated to a enzymatic mask and steamed to loosen the pores, then the therapist set to work on the extraction, removing all unwanted blockages. I’m not going to lie this facial isn’t for the faint-hearted, when pressure’s applied it can hurt slightly – beauty is pain, right?

After the extraction the technician treated me to a relaxing foot and hand massage, making it all worth while – well almost!

The best bit was leaving the spa with super clean skin inside and out. Next time I’ll be sure to hit the steam room pre-facial to ensure my pores are super flexible and ready to go.

The Cure is Dhs560 for a 75 minute treatment.

The Spa at The Address Dubai Marina