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With the January detox in mind, we went in search of a holistic treatment that would help cleanse our bodies of post-party toxins.

The Treatment

To give ourselves a head start with our detox, we stopped by at the Softouch Spa at the Kempinski Hotel for a refreshing Elakkizhi massage, known for enhancing blood circulation and its detoxifying qualities. Smartly followed by a 25-minute foot reflexology treatment. This is a holistic approach to unblocking bad circulation and rebalancing the body with pressure applied to different areas of the foot. Reflexologists believe that these areas correspond to various body organs and systems.

The Lowdown

After a full body massage, the masseuse began the Elakkizhi process, by dipping a cloth bag filled with Indian herbal leaves into hot, medicated oil and then rubbed all over the body. After the initial shock of the heat from the bag, we began to enjoy the light pounding of the herbal bundle on our skin, in particular on the tension prone areas, such as the neck, shoulders and back.

Next up, foot reflexology. Apparently feet reveal all sins and this foot reflexology sure did. The therapist informed us we would be aware of problem organs, as these points would hurt when pressure was applied. We were not surprised to discover tenderness in the kidney spot, in the centre of the foot, revealing poor circulation in that organ.

After the treatment we were advised to drink plenty of water, as this would aid detoxification and help flush out impurities.

The Result 

Following the treatment we were offered the option to wash off the oils in a private shower within the treatment room, we gladly accepted as the medicinal oils from the Elakkizhi treatment are quite pungent.

We left the Softouch Spa feeling relaxed, supple and well and truly cleansed and on the successful highway to detoxification!

IMG_2767The Elakkizhi herbal bundle


75 minutes Dhs750

Foot Reflexology

25 minutes Dhs220

Softtouch Spa at Kempinski Hotel at Mall of Emirates


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