A month of personal training sessions has left my body feeling broken – as they say no pain, no gain, but when pain stops you from being able to reach for the chocolate bar in the cupboard then it’s time to give the muscles some much needed TLC. Enter the Muscle Release Massage at The Spa, Address Marina.


The Spa, The Address Marina – a stylish venue perfumed with relaxing incense that instantly puts you at ease the moment you enter.


Before the 50-minute massage begins, the therapist runs through the treatment, asking which areas I want her to focus on and those I want her to avoid – as a result of my vigorous PT sessions I opt for my cramped calves and lower back, and also my shoulders, thanks to my poor hunched back posture at my work desk.

With my needs established it’s onto the massage bed for a brief session of inhaling and exhaling, breathing in eucalyptus vapour on the inhales, which is instantly calming.

Using essential oils as her magic pain-erasing lotion, the therapist commences the treatment using a combination of Swedish and cross muscle fibre techniques across my entire body – I even get the most incredible, therapeutic head massage that, for once, doesn’t leave my hair looking like it was dipped in a chip pan.

Stretching the tired and weary muscles and draining all negative energy, the massage helps improve circulation leaving me feeling ache-free and back in control of my body.

A cup of honeyed herbal tea and a delicious date in the Relaxation Room completes the tranquil session.


Frills free, this massage literally does as it says – releases muscle of any stress. Ideal for sports enthusiasts. To ensure a completely serene experience, arrive 30 minutes before your treatment and make use of the gorgeous sauna and steam rooms in the changing facilities.


The 50-minute Muscle Release massage costs Dhs450. For more information, call (04) 4367424 or visit

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