When the Embassy launched in Grosvenor House Dubai, it was everything we expected – glitzy, glamourous and star-studded with a plethora of international celebrities celebrating it’s opening. While still the venue of choice for the stars and local socialites alike it’s rapidly also become a hub for food connoisseurs thanks to it’s illustrious restaurant Kitchen 45 situated at the top of the impressive three-storey venue.


The prestige of its UK sister is reflected in its sleek and sassy design. Vast windows offer mesmerising views of the marina, orange blur of the traffic below and vistas of the famous twisted building. Dark wood coats the wall and is complemented by the dark marble and blackened ceiling. Offering an injection of colour, beige rugs, cream leather Art Deco-esque chairs, vintage-framed mirrors and the odd decorative lamp emitting a gentle, warm hue creates the illusion of an exclusive classy club, while the neon pink lights leading to the restaurant and framing the odd alcove and window offers a modern twist – after all this is one of Dubai’s trendiest hubs.


Exquisite modern European cuisine is served. While this may be a high-end restaurant portions are still generous but before you even get to you orders a basket of fresh breads and a variety of sauces including olive tapenade and aubergine dips are served. All tastes are catered for. Those wishing for a truly extravagant affair can start with caviar or oysters, while those looking for something more original will delight in the grilled squid, braised celeriac, figs and curried ink sauce. For mains veggies are looked after with spelt risotto with beetroot and courgette soufflé while carnivores will not be disappointed in the famous beef Wellington dish or the braised lamb shoulder which is slowly cooked for 11 hours ensuring the meat melts on the tongue and the flavours send a pleasurable wave to your taste buds.

The dessert selection is impressive but for sweet-toothed individuals the Chocolate Extravaganza (a large, sumptuous selection of chocolate delights) must be ordered.


As the premier destination of the international glitterati, the mood feels exclusive – you feel part of the in-crowd. Despite the club being just downstairs, there is a mellow vibe – chilled music plays and you don’t have to strain to have a conversation with your guest(s). As the night continues however the beat of the club vibrates gently under your feet almost as an invitation, enticing you to join the party below.


Want to be part of the It crowd? Then this is the place to go and be seen. It’s also just a great place to sample fine cuisine.


A romantic tête-à-tête or sophisticated dinner with friends before hitting the club.


Kitchen 45, Grosvenor House Tower Two, Dubai
(04) 3176000. grosvenorhouse-dubai.com

Credit: Image courtesy of Kitchen 45