Thanks to Dubai’s domineering heat and humidity combination, wearing mascara can mean your look is often more Alice Cooper than Brigitte Bardot.

A foolproof way to achieve impressive peepers in the desert is by faking it with eyelash extensions. At EW HQ we’re big fans of The Dubai Mall’s Sisters Beauty Lounge whose treatments are guaranteed to make your lashes look thicker and longer, making the need for mascara redundant.

Before, getting luscious lashes would take over one hour, but now La La Express Eyelash Extensions enables you to get the same results in just 30 minutes – perfect for that lunch time beauty makeover. You can opt for regular or full volume, depending on the thickness of the lashes. Each lash is applied individually with your eyes wide open, the process is so rapid and easy you’re barely aware it’s happening. In just under half an hour the results are catwalk-worthy.

For longevity don’t use mascara on your lashes, however if you do wish for extra va va boom Sister’s Lounge sells the Ultimate Finishing Glaze, a clear mascara perfect for maintaining the condition of the lashes. The extensions won’t affect your lifestyle either, you can swim, sleep and enjoy spa treatments as normal, making it a hassle free makeover perfect for that glam beach look.

Why Bother? Long-lasting voluptuous lashes for busy beauty mavens

The Details: The treatment takes 30 minutes max and lasts two to three weeks.

La La Express Eyelash Extensions is priced at Dhs200 for Regular Volume and Dhs300 for Full Volume.


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