Working in a hot (literally) cosmopolitan city is extremely exciting on the social and lifestyle front, but it can be a nightmare when it comes to beauty. Inner city grime and sweltering temperatures result in clogged pores, which means a serious deep cleanse is essential.


THE TREATMENT: The Deep Cleanse Facial

THE LOW DOWN: All staff at Obagi Medi Spa are highly qualified and certified Dermatologist & Plastic Surgeon Medi Consultants or Skin Laser Specialist Medi Consultants so your face is in expert hands.

Before your treatment, and after filling in the obligatory health questionnaire, your skin expert will thoroughly analyse your skin and will tailor your facial accordingly.

This deep pore-cleansing facial begins with the extraction of blackheads and targets breakouts via in-depth cleansing, steaming and extractions. Following this an advanced treatment mask with cosmeceutical active ingredients is applied. Once removed a slick of moisturiser is massaged into your skin, followed by a final consultation with advice on daily cleansing routines, then you’re good to go.

THE RESULT: The process eliminates impurities and restores balance and nourishment to dull skin. While skin might be a little blush after the treatment, it dies down after 30 minutes leaving you with squeaky clean glowing skin.


THE DETAILS:  Obagi MediSpa | The Dubai Mall