It’s funny: a while ago, the thought of spending the night with a dwarf, a snake charmer, a contortionist and a clown would have seemed unusual. Now of course, thanks to Dubai’s most unusual club offering, an evening spent in the company of biological rarities such as these can be a regular occurrence – well, at least between Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday.They’re your ‘end-of-the-week freaks’.


There’s a distinctly baroque feel inside, with ornate gold frames, busts of the famed Cirque du Soir clown and, most peculiarly of all, the gold-framed glass boxes that house the ‘freaks’ chosen for display.
The colour scheme of black and deep red accents the gold well – while also maintaining the circus feel. It’s a strangely seductive mix, and we suspect it’s entirely intentional too. Make no mistake about it, this is a club for dangerous deeds that require half-light and the distraction that only a dwarf dressed as a wizard can provide.

Freakish, ghoulish, scary, hairy, dwarfish and fetishistic. An altogether outstanding night awaits you.

For the uninitiated, Cirque du Soir opened its doors exactly a year ago this month and, following on from the success of its parent club in London, has proceeded to become the hottest ticket in town. The experience is based on a Victorian freak show, and it’s fair to say any night here will begin in unusual fashion and move into shades of weird and bizarre as the evening progresses. And that’s whether you’re drinking or not.

A fashion show of the more unusual sort, the catwalk here offers up burlesque styles and the occasional fire-eater too.

Cirque du Soir Dubai
Fairmont Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road
04 3324900,