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The power of scent with Dior’s latest launch J’adore Insfinissime

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The new J’adore Infinissime encourages women to embrace their boundless strength. Making the fragrance more powerful than ever, Dior’s perfumer François Demachy explains how this fragrance will make you feel like an icon

Can you tell us about Dior’s new fragrance J’adore Infinissime?

We have unfurled the flowers of the J’adore bouquet, enveloping them in feverish, intense sensuality with a hint of wood. An endless burst of flowers that diffuse infinitely. A hyper-present composition signifying a new vigour, adding volume and curves. This J’adore has even inspired its own name, an affectionate neologism expressing its infinite beauty – J’adore Eau de Parfum Infinissime.

How does J’adore Eau de Parfum Infinissime differ from previous scents by Dior?

The framework of J’adore is still here, but I played different ingredients as major guests: tuberose and sandalwood. By incorporating grasse tuberose into the J’adore composition, I create a romantic encounter. It is as though J’adore “seduced” the tuberose, taking it on, showcasing it, colouring it and giving it light. The fragrance has a sensual charm thanks to this little white flower that is as intense as it is moving. It has an immediate, intact power that transcends trends. It is a genre of scent in its own right. It instantly symbolises a powerful and confident femininity.


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What has gone into the process of creating J’adore Eau de Parfum Infinissime?

It’s pretty usual to have about two years between the beginning of the project and the launch on the market. In the two years, I include every step: the perfume creation, the name, bottle, packaging. For the perfume creation, this time, it was rather quick and took about eight months. I was asked to make a J’adore but “more, more, more”. So, I made it sexier and even more sensual.

Can you talk us through your creative process when creating any fragrance?

As soon as the project starts, I always work in three different directions. This prevents me from saturation, which happens when you smell the same thing repeatedly. It’s also a lot safe as it gives me more opportunities to have one of them right, so they have to be very different from one another. What follows is almost like a building construction – you imagine the structure, you create it and then you decorate. When you are at this stage, you can include some “accords” that you have previously worked on because even in-between projects you never stop creating. Sometimes I have limited time, sometimes less. The creative process is a solitary one, but very quickly I have to share it. It is crucial as you don’t really know anything for until you get feedback from others. I always say that doubt is a very important part of my job as a perfumer. In the end, the direction has the final say on the perfume we will launch.

What makes a fragrance timeless?

I have no real answer, because if I knew I would only make timeless ones! It is a combination of parameters that always comment on after the fact, but the truth is that while you are in the middle of it, you don’t know anything for sure. And even when it works, it’s not only the perfume that becomes a success, it’s a whole – the name, the campaign, the bottle. It’s the product with a capital P. It’s like making a mayonnaise: sometimes it works really well, and sometimes you do exactly the same gesture with the same proportions and it doesn’t take.

Where do you take inspiration from?

Everywhere, in everything! Travelling as an immense source of inspiration for me, as well as cooking and local cuisine. But it expands to so many things: encounters, and of course women. Letting go of the pleasures and desires of life. That’s also what being inspired means to me.

Why did you choose Theron as the face of this perfume?

I think Charlize and I almost started working on J’adore at the same time. You can like or dislike J’adore, but I don’t think someone can say it does not smell good – I think it’s the same for Charlize Theron. No one can say that she isn’t beautiful and smart. Whether she wears flat sandals or high heels, she is always attractive and magnetic. That’s definitely one “infinissime” thing about her. All the meeting I have had with her, she was always very open and accessible.

What feelings do you hope this fragrance evokes for women?

Confidence, boldness, sexiness…

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