Plus, we’ve pulled together our top picks for the best super-sized earrings to buy now…

When it comes to adorning your ears this season, according to Dubai’s coolest fashion bloggers, bigger is better, more is more, and OTT is obligatory.

Eccentric earrings are the new statement accessory, bringing a slice of sartorial style to our ears with one simple clip. If you don’t believe us, then take a look at Dubai’s finest Instagrams which have exploded with dazzling tropical fruits, bold tassels and super-sized graphic hoops, all with the aim of gaining maximum attention.

Scroll down for tips on how to pull these shoulder-scrapers off…

dior knocker earrings - kat lebrasse

Case in point: fashion and lifestyle blogger Kat Lebrasse. There isn’t a day that goes by that Kat doesn’t adorn her lobes with hoops, tassels and, this time, sunshine yellow drop ball earrings.

dior knocker earrings - karen wazen

Take note from Karen Wazen and enliven a white shirt with eccentric gold twirly hoops, like these from the Abi Project.

dior knocker earrings - Feeeeya

Hijabi Instagrammer Saufeeya Goodson injects colour into her already vibrant look with these rainbow beauties, which you can find at the S*uce Rocks boutique in the Galleria Mall, Jumeirah.

dior knocker earrings - Sam Francis

These Tory Burch beaded numbers, worn by Sam Francis of blog Style Is Necessity, left us swooning.

dior knocker earrings - Dana Hourani

If in doubt, match your studs to your shirt – we’re taking cue from style maven Dana Hourani. Buy her big blue Balenciaga earrings on

dior knocker earrings - Dalia N Souli

Dalia Nsouli updates her blouse with attention-grabbing gold hoops from Egyptian designer Jude Benhalim.

dior knocker earrings - shoestova

Natalia Shoestova is all about OTT fashion. For instance, her power pairing of a go-getting green dress and gold shoulder-skimming earrings isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Here’s our pick of the best to buy now…

door knocker earrings

Large Beaded Circle Tassel Clip On Earrings Dhs1,800 Oscar de la Renta on

door knocker earrings

Pompom oxidized earrings Dhs820 Annie Costello Brown on

door knocker earrings

Face earrings Dhs45 Mango

door knocker earrings

Silencio Gold-Tone Drop Earrings Dhs2,130 Monica Sordo on

door knocker earrings

Orange flamenca earrings Dhs600 All Things By Mochi

door knocker earrings

Rose Quartz Fringe Earrings Dhs1,500 Rajana Khan on

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Additional words: Rachel Bassett