After entering the world of golf in 2017, Jasmine, better known as ‘The Jazzy Golfer’ has induced a fresh hint of energy into the sport with her newfound passion for the game. After quickly establishing a loyal fanbase, she has been committed to the game since April 2019 while levering into a full-time content creator specializing in golf while managing key partnerships.

Emirates Woman discussed all of this and more with Jasmine when including the Omega Dubai Moonlight Classic, which recently took place in Dubai, and is part of a professional golf tournament on the Ladies European Tour shines a light on women’s golf.

How did you get into golf?

I was introduced to the game a few years ago on a family holiday in Portugal. Bored of driving the buggy around they told me to ‘give it a go’, so I did! Having played lots of sports as a youngster I thought, “How hard could this be?” Well, it turns out it was pretty difficult! However, after hitting most of my shots in the water and taking chunks out of the course, I hit that ‘one clean shot’ and I was totally hooked. So, like a typical millennial, I went online to find someone to look up to and learn from but realised there wasn’t really anyone showcasing the young, beginner females perspective so, ‘The Jazzy Golfer’ was born!

What were your first experiences of the sport?

After being in and around the golf club environment, I began to encounter quite a few obstacles and saw the games’ shortcomings in welcoming and nurturing new players, especially women and juniors. I absolutely loved the challenge of the sport and playing it was so much more fun than I had ever expected (as many people still see it as a boring, old, white man sport) so it felt like a shame that the culture didn’t reflect how fun the game was or do it justice. In all the sports I’ve played, I’d never felt so much of an outsider as I had in golf and realised this really wasn’t right and felt compelled to do my bit to change this. I started speaking out online and creating conversation about such topics as: some clubs not allowing female members, men-only areas (yes, these still exist in 2020!), women not allowed on the course at the weekends and the lack of coverage and purse sizes of the women’s game.

How did you make golf your career?

After speaking out about my experiences and documenting my journey, my content was incredibly well-received and seemed to be well-needed as I amassed over 30,000 followers on social media in a short space of time and started to be asked to join certain golfing projects. Fast forward 2 years, what started as a passion project alongside my full-time job as a Treasury Consultant at PwC had gotten to a point where the demand for my time to support such great causes outweighed the days of holiday I had left so I ended up taking the bold step of handing in my notice and this is now my full-time job!

Where has this great career taken you?

To date, I’ve putted with Tiger Woods, played golf with Rory McIlroy, Sir Nick Faldo, Michelle Wie, Azahara Munoz, Tommy Fleetwood, many excellent well-known and up and coming female pros on the LET, presented for both the men’s and women’s European Tours, been a member of the R&A panel for the Women In Golf Charter launch and many more. I was also lucky enough to be the official presenter for Visit Scotland at last years’ Solheim Cup which was one of the biggest highlights of my career to date. However, the greatest buzz I still get is seeing the impact it has had on the people who I enjoy playing golf with and interacting with the most: the women and juniors I have set out to bring into the game. The greatest feeling is getting feedback from young fans who have given the sport a go and find me to say thank you. When I worked with Niall Horan at one of his golf companies’ events in Ireland, 4 junior girls came over and asked for a photo, all wearing Jazzy leggings because they’d seen my content!

The Jazzy Golfer (1)

What would say needs to change in the sport for women and what do you hope to see happen in golf in the future?

The culture of sexism remains quite apparent in many clubs and at some clubs, females are still restricted to what times they can play and peak or ‘preferred’ tee times are reserved for men. Rules like this need to be eradicated completely so that women feel as much a part of a golf club as men. I’d also like to see a wider range of offerings in terms of equipment, clothing and golf breaks – women seem to be a bit of an afterthought in this sport and we need equal consideration in the aforementioned categories. I’d especially ask that equipment and clothing isn’t all pink, not all women love pink! Women’s golf (and women’s sport in general) needs a lot more coverage and I’d encourage all media outlets to go the extra mile to showcase just how exceptionally talented female pros can be. As I say, ‘if you can’t see it, you can’t be it’ so to encourage more juniors to look up to these women and to perhaps want to follow in their footsteps, we need make sure their stories are put out there!

What is it like playing golf in Dubai and how does golf here differ from other places in the world?

I’ve only played a few rounds so far in Dubai, but the real variety of golf clubs out here is such an appeal. The courses are always in such immaculate condition and the service at every single club I’ve been to is second to none. Having the Dubai skyline as a backdrop is a grand, spectacular sight and a real bonus to any round of golf! I also played my first round of night golf here in Dubai and I absolutely love it! It’s such a fun and different concept to anything else we have back in the UK and I can’t get enough!

What have you most enjoyed about being part of the Omega Dubai Moonlight Classic so far?

It’s incredible to think that I’m involved with such a prestigious event that’s been going on for 14 years! It’s only Tuesday so the event hasn’t kicked off yet but yesterday we spent the day behind the scenes and filming with a prize winner. Omega did a great competition where they encouraged people to tag a friend who deserved their Time To Shine. Our lucky winner Zania, nominated by her friend Yana, was surprised with a video call from Dame Laura Davies herself, a lesson from Solheim Cup superstar Celine Boutier, some customized Titleist wedges AND signed items from world-famous players Lydia Ko and Rory McIlroy. To be a part of that and really give back to female golf in that way was a huge privilege and it’s given Zania the inspiration and boost to continue to pursue her desired career of being a pro on the LPGA!

What is your mission from now?

My mission now is to document my journey in lowering my handicap whilst showcasing the fun and interesting side of the sport as well as increasing recognition of the role, importance and benefits of more women and juniors being encouraged to this great game. And, of course, providing a much-needed Jazzing-Up of how the game is portrayed and perceived!

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