As the daughter of an oil baron and granddaughter of a human rights activist and UNESCO advocate, Marianna Goulandris has never been a stranger to glamour. But proving there’s more to her than just the glitz, the Greek-born beauty unveils her new swimwear range, which is as desirable as her lifestyle.

Congratulations on your new swimwear line, how did it come about?

When I graduated from Marangoni, I decided to apply for a short course on swimwear at the London College of Fashion. I grew up by the sea so it felt natural to want to create something associated with it. When I finished studying I felt I was ready to start something on my own and with the help of a great team, Marianna G was created.

What interested you the most about designing swimwear?

I really appreciate how women can feel about their bodies and especially when exposed in swimwear. I wanted to create something that was comfortable yet chic. I’ve grown up surrounded by women of all ages – from my friends to my grandmother – so I wanted a versatile range that could suit any body shape.

What does the collection entail?

The swimwear line is split into three groups, Brights, which is aimed at a younger audience, Athletic which has a higher Lycra content so it provides more support for the body, and finally Goddess, which has a lot of gold and pearl coloured fabrics that give it a very luxurious feel.

I also have a ready-to-wear line, which includes beautiful crochet fabrics and stunning silk maxi-dresses.


Where does your passion for fashion come from?

I grew up in a household where fashion was a big part of our lives. My mother is always incredibly well dressed and a fashion icon to me, I used to watch her get ready for events and I realised how much I appreciated what style is. I’d like to think her style has been passed on to me too.

You grew up in Greece and London, which one feels more like home?

I’m very lucky to come from Greece – the culture and country is something I’m very proud of. I see Greece as my roots but London as my home. I was brought up there and have made my life there. Greece is definitely a big inspiration for this collection; I researched Greek goddesses and used gold trims and colours to reflect that influence.

Your grandmother is Marianna Vardinoyannis, what is your relationship like?

She has always been an important and constant part of my life because she and my mother are extremely close. Apart from us being good friends she’s very business focused and hard working, I rely on her advice a lot.

Where is your favourite spot to indulge in some poolside posing?

Dubai, and in particular, the One&Only. When you’re on holiday relaxing you don’t want to have to think about or do anything, and the service there is so amazing it’s actually possible.

What’s your favourite piece in the collection?

It has to be the Mykonos, you could wear it to the pool with a great pair of shades and shorts or with jeans or a skirt for a night out. It has a great fit and really flatters your figure.

How do you find the fashion in the Middle East?

I find that the women are very elegant and always maintain an exotic beauty. I’ve visited Dubai the most and find they have a unique way of turning things into special pieces, maybe a bag they have customised. They put their own twist on things.

Finally, what’s next for you?

Hopefully I will be able to expand the swimwear to include a men’s range as well as developing a bigger ready-to-wear line. I’ve always dreamed of making Marianna G swimwear into a lifestyle brand so it would be great to add sunglasses, bags, hats and maybe even sun lotion!



1. Zante bikini Dhs1,113

2. Hawaii Red swimsuit Dhs1,054

3. Madagascar swimsuit Dhs1,113

4. Mykonos Pearl swimsuit Dhs1,488

5. Fiji Tribal bikini Dhs753

Marianna G is available to purchase on and