Kcal’s head nutritionist, Laura Smith, offers some sound advice on how to stay healthy during Ramadan. 


“Don’t use Ramadan as an excuse not to exercise. Try and maintain a light-to-moderate routine – even a brisk 20-minute walk twice a day will maintain your fitness levels. Early morning after your first meal or after Iftar is an ideal time to exercise as your energy levels will be replenished.”


“While the first few days of fasting can lead to a spike in your metabolic rate, it soon lowers to help you cope with the lack of food throughout the day. Limit exercise and take mid afternoon naps for the first few days.”


“Focus Iftar on fibre (brown rice and vegetables) and healthy essential fats. Never skip the pre-fast meal, even if is just nuts and fruit. Try, if possible, to consume complex carbohydrates and protein to balance blood sugar and maintain energy levels. Oats with fruit and nuts, plus eggs with wholemeal toast are perfect options.”


“Hydration is the key to a healthy Ramadan: rehydrate by both sipping water and consuming as much liquid from food as possible. Light soups are perfect as are salads and fruit. Don’t drink excessive amounts of water too quickly – your body can only process a small amount of water at a time otherwise the water will pass straight through without being effective.”

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Image styled by Sarah Joan Ross