15The world of sunglasses shopping can be pretty daunting. Luckily for you, we present the ultimate guide to this season’s top frames…

The Facts

We’ve all heard the stories about how UV radiation can damage our eyes. So, living in a country where it’s sunny 99 per cent of the time, it’s important to protect our eyes. When purchasing sunglasses always look for a pair that will protect you from 99 per cent of UVB rays and at least 95 per cent of UVA rays – all reputable brands should provide this information; if they don’t then don’t take the risk.

Although price isn’t always indicative of the amount of UV protection a pair of sunglasses offers, a cheaper pair is likely to be mass-produced. This means that the UV protection and quality of the lenses may be affected.

Top Tips 

Protection: Obviously a hard case is best when storing your glasses but, if it’s too bulky, a microfibre case will be your saviour. Store with a microfibre cloth for cleaning on the go.


Sunglasses case Dhs146 each Rebecca Minkoff

Defence: If your weekly routine sees you taking your glasses to the beach or gym then you are exposing them to all sorts of damaging components such as oils, sand and sweat. Upgrade your lenses and opt for a special protective coating.

Durability: Wearing sunglasses on your head will eventually stretch them. They are easily fixed at any good sunglasses shop; however, you can avoid this by wearing sunglasses chains. Yes, they’re having a comeback.


Stud chain Dhs28 ASOS

Face The Frame

Smile: When trying on glasses in-store, crack a large grin. The frames, if fitting correctly, should not move from the bridge of your nose or graze your cheeks.

Adjustability: The great thing about most metal frames is that the nose pads move, so you can make them snugger simply by squeezing them in.

Two finger rule: If you can fit two digits in between the arm of the frame and your cheek, you will need to find a smaller pair.

Suiting Your Shape

It’s all about contrast when finding the right shape. Sunglasses shouldn’t mimic your face’s profile; instead they should be distinctly different.


1. House of Holland | Oval faces work well with most frames, but geometric shapes are best.

2. Gucci | Square faces suit oval or round frames and butterfly shapes.

3. Derek Lam | Round faces need rectangle or upswept frames, which feature angular shapes to sharpen features.

4. Jil Sander | Heart faces are best suited to soft or bottom-heavy frames to soften the forehead.

5. Versace | Diamond faces need to accentuate their cheekbones, so chose cat eyes or rimless oval frames.

EW’s Top picks 


1. Dhs406 Calvin Klein 

2. Dhs90 Topshop

3 Dhs1,664 Thierry Lasry 


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